“I love this company – I love the teachers. Fantastic!

Ali B. | NYC

“Honestly, I have never resonated more with something in my life. I used to always think living that was wrong based on what other people around me would say about how you’re meant to live. The best way to say what the program has done for me was that it helped me find myself again.”


“Very happy I invested in your Killer Instinct program. (Btw that talk on Tom Brady helped me work my first 18hr workday as a 19yr old entrepreneur). I idolize people like Kobe, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, and Genghis Khan; everything you speak about in the program resonates with me. I want to make sure I fulfill every damn atom of potential within my body, and to do so I love reverse engineering those who were successful before me.”

-Bob D.

“It really helped my life and mindset I began to have no fear and dominate without realizing…”

-Timonthy A.